‘How I Met Your Father’ Season Two Is Gifting Us More Hilary Duff & Kim Cattrall

And, even more episodes.

Any true How I Met Your Mother fan could have guessed the show’s highly-anticipated reboot would follow in its footsteps to stretch the story, of how Sophie (Hilary Duff) met her future husband out in the most long-winded fashion.  

It would have been naïve of us to hope How I Met Your Father was going to give up the mystery man’s identity so easily.

Luckily for fans though, it means the reboot is back, with the rest of season two on its way for us Down Under.

Naturally, we want all the juicy info on what’s to come and when we can start binge-watching it, the details of which we’ve rounded up below.

(Credit: Hulu)

When will season two be released?

Like season one of How I Met Your Father, season two is exclusively available to watch on Disney+ for us in Australia.

Mark it down in your calendars, as the second half of the season arrives on July 26—so sign up here to stream it now.


What is the plot of season two?

After a 10-episode long first season, How I Met Your Father returns with a super-sized 20-episode run for season two, meaning more laughs, drama and relatable dating woes.

But, what exactly will be in store for our new favourite friendship group? Well, that’s hard to say without spoilers

What we can say is expect more dating disasters, swiping right and usual shenanigans, as well as a continual unravelling of the show’s big question: Who is the father?

(Credit: Hulu)

In the pilot, fans learned Sophie would meet the love of her life the very night the episode was set in. 

“In our pilot, [Sophie] makes clear that she met the father that night, which leaves a little bit of wiggle room as to who our father is,” series co-creator Elizabeth Berger told TVLine.

There were four key characters introduced that have the potential to be Sophie’s match—Jesse, Sid, Ian, and Charlie.

For those who have watched season one, you’ll know a fifth potential suitor was revealed in episode five—Jefferson Elementary vice principal Drew (played by Josh Peck).

However, Berger hinted there could be other potential “fathers” outside of these five.

“We’re going to have our core guys [Jesse, Sid, Charlie and Ian] which we hope and imagine people will be very invested in, but there will also be the larger world out there that we can draw from in terms of what happened all throughout that night.”

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