5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Spirits High This Silly Season

From dopamine dressing to an advent calendar you’ve probably never heard of…

While the summer holidays are full of joy and celebrations, they can also feel somewhat draining. Our to-do lists are often stacked with gift buying, holiday baking, and social activities, leaving us little downtime to relax. 

To keep your spirits high during this busy period, it’s important to look after your wellbeing. Carve out some time to recharge on your own or discover some simple tricks to boost your mood.  

As Michelle Obama says: “Whether it’s going to the gym at the crack of dawn or finding an extra moment to unwind in my favourite chair, in order for me to be at my best for others around me, I need to find some time for myself.”

Ready to put yourself first? Below we share our top tips to unwind and stay positive this silly season.   

1. Dopamine Dressing

Arm candy that looks almost good enough to eat is bound to boost your mood. (Instagram: @katespadeny)

Boost your mood in a matter of minutes, simply by dressing the part. Dopamine dressing—the act of wearing bright colours, patterns, or clothes that bring you joy—is an easy way to find a glimmer of happiness on an eventful day.

If your wardrobe is full of neutral outfits, add a burst of colour with bright accessories. New York label Kate Spade has a beautiful range of dopamine-boosting jewellery, shoes and handbags to elevate your attitude and your style.

Try Kate Spade’s bags with novelty prints, sparkling embellishments, and faux shearling fabrics for a playful twist on your summer arm candy.

2. Decorate Your Space

Being surrounded by beautiful things—like a bouquet of flowers or vibrant artwork—can help put a smile on your face. During the holidays, engage in creative DIY projects and make your own ornaments, wreaths, or decorations, as the festive colours and handmade trinkets can evoke a joyful atmosphere at home.

For Bridgerton star Simone Ashley, baking sweet treats is an outlet during the summer holidays. (Instagram: @simoneashley)

3. Gratitude Advent Calendar

We’ve all heard of the traditional chocolate and beauty advent calendars. But a gratitude advent calendar works a little differently to spread holiday cheer.

Instead of receiving a small gift or treat, each day of this visual calendar gives you space to express gratitude for something that brings you joy—from a cheerful movie to your dog’s new Christmas outfit.

It’s a quick and easy way to shift your focus and make a positive difference to your mindset (all without spending a cent).  

4. Stimulate Your Senses

It goes without saying that fresh air and a change of scenery can do wonders for your mood. If you’re not travelling this summer, there’s a number of ways to stimulate your senses at home.

For instance, lighting a fragrant candle is proven to increase feelings of relaxation and signal your brain to unwind, while playing upbeat music has the power to make you feel more optimistic.

Cooking a familiar recipe can also relieve stress, as the hands-on activity is a form of mindfulness. Plus, freshly baked treats are delicious mood-boosters!

4. Read A Feel-Good Book  

Dua Lipa’s book club is stacked with great reads for summer. (Instagram: @dualipa)

Whether you lay your towel down at the beach or curl up on your balcony, reading a book is a simple way to nourish your wellbeing, lower your heart rate and release stress.

Choose a laidback beach read or a favourite feel-good novel to enjoy this summer, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to finish it within a certain timeframe. Just pick it up whenever you need a moment to reset, and enjoy the journey.   

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