How To Get Started With Tennis For Fitness

Game, set, match.
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If watching the professionals take to the courts at the Australian Open has got you inspired to pick up a tennis racket then you wouldn’t be the only one.

There’s something inspiring about watching the pros hit the ball back and forth across the court with such accuracy, and the intensity felt between opponents is the very reason so many movies feature a tennis game.

While some people practically grew up on the tennis court, others may never picked up a racket in their life. Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional or possess years of experience to play tennis for fun or fitness.

If you prefer to exercise outside, get bored in the gym and enjoy a little competition then tennis might be the sport for you.

Below, we take you through everything you need to know about starting to play tennis.

How Do You Learn How To Play Tennis?

There’s nothing stopping even the least experienced tennis player from picking up a racket and hitting a ball around. If you’re just playing for fun and fitness then there’s no reason you actually need to learn how to play, and it’s completely acceptable to hit the ball back and forth on your local court.

However, if you’re thinking about really incorporating the sport into your exercise routine then it’s probably a good idea to take a few lessons. Most local tennis clubs will offer beginner adult lessons, which will give you the basic skills needed to continue on your own.

If you’re wanting to save some money then you might find that YouTube tutorials provide you with enough information to get by.

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What Fitness Benefits Does Tennis Offer?

Tennis is a fun aerobic activity that gets your whole body moving.

Running back and forth on the court is a great way to improve your cardiovascular (heart) health, while using the tennis racket doesn’t only strengthen your arms but engages your core, shoulders and back. Plus, practising hitting a ball isn’t a bad thing for your hand-eye coordination either.

Mentally, a game of tennis is also a good way to destress and socialise at the same time.

Kirsten Dunst in ‘Wimbledon’ in 2004 (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Where Can I Play Tennis In Australia?

Most suburbs in Australia will have club and public tennis courts available for hire. Usually, you can hire these courts by the hour—just bring your own racquet, ball and opponent.

If you don’t have someone to play tennis with then you can also join an organised social game, which are often hosted at local tennis clubs. This can be a great way to make new friends.

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