Hugh Grant Says He Would Do A ‘Notting Hill’ Sequel Only To Show What A ‘Terrible Lie’ It Was

He's not quite the romantic you'd think

When it comes to Hollywood, some actors become synonymous with a specific genre. And for Hugh Grant, it’s got to be romantic comedies.

From Love Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary to Two Weeks Notice, the actor has become a household name thanks to his rom-com repertoire.

And discussing one of his most prominent roles, starring alongside Julia Roberts in the 1999 film Notting Hill, Grant recently revealed that he would be on board for a sequel to the hit flick… but not for the reason you’d think.

In an interview with HBO to promote his new series The Undoing, the 60-year-old explained that he’s not quite as romantic as his movie choices might suggest.

“I would like to do a sequel to one of my own romantic comedies that shows what happened after those films ended,” he said.

“Really, to prove the terrible lie that they all were, that it was a happy ending.”

hugh grant notting hill

In the classic film, Grant plays London bookstore owner Will Thacker, who meets the glamorous American actress Anna Scott (played by Roberts). The two then form an unlikely romance but struggle to navigate Scott’s fame and subsequent media attention. But against all odds, the couple end up happily married with a child.

In his new proposed sequel, the story would not end there. 

“I’d like to do me and Julia and the hideous divorce that’s ensued with really expensive lawyers, children involved in a tug of love, floods of tears. Psychologically scarred forever,” he joked.

“I’d love to do that film.”

And while we have to agree that rom-coms can be very unrealistic and even a bit problematic, we’re not sure how well Grant’s Notting Hill II version would do at the box-office. 

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