Everyone’s Talking About Britain’s ‘Wedding Of The Decade’: Here’s What We Know

Britain's most eligible bachelor is off the market.
Hugh Grovesnor and Olivia Henson.

Britain’s most eligible bachelor, billionaire duke, Hugh Grosvenor tied the knot to fiancé Olivia Henson, this weekend.

The upcoming wedding has got the country in a frenzy, with media describing it as the ‘wedding of the decade’ and certainly, the biggest nuptials since the royals.

While the duke isn’t technically a royal, he is very well connected to them, and for this reason, we’re expecting many of our favourite royal family members to attend the big day.

But for those who missed our British aristocracy lesson at school, you might be wondering who Hugh Grosvenor actually is and why his wedding is so important.

Below, everything we know about Britain’s wedding of the year.

Who Is Hugh Grosvenor, Duke Of Westminster?

Hugh Grovesnor
Hugh Grovesnor. (Credit: Getty )

Hugh Grosvenor’s official title is the Duke of Westminster.

His family is part of the British aristocracy and the 33-year-old is the richest person under 40 in the United Kingdom.

When Grovesnor was just 25, he he inherited the title and control of Grosvenor Estate from his father, who died from a heart attack in 2016.

While the Grovesnor family may not be royals, they are intimately connected with the British Royal family.

King Charles is happens to be Hugh Grosvenor’s godfather while Grosvenor is a godfather to both Prince George and Prince Archie, and is a lifelong friend of William and Harry.

Who Is Olivia Henson, The Future Duchess of Westminster?

Hugh Grosvenor And Olivia Henson.
Hugh Grosvenor And Olivia Henson. (Credit: Grosvenor2023/PAMedia)

Olivia Henson is Grosvenor’s 31-year-old fiance.

Like her future husband, she comes from an aristocratic background.

She is the oldest daughter of Rupert and Caroline Henson, who happens to be a scion of the Hoare banking family and the Marquess of Bristol.

Oliva also attended the same school as Kate Middleton—the exclusive Marlborough.

While Olivia doesn’t seem to have a public social media presence, it is known that she works as a senior accounts manager at Belazu, an ethical food company in London.

Where Was The Wedding Being Held?

The wedding was held at Chester Cathedral in Cheshire—which is the family’s ancestral home.

After the ceremony, guests joined the couple at a reception at Eaton Hall on the Grosvenors’ 11,000-acre estate.

Which British Royal Family Members Attended Hugh Grosvenor And Olivia Henson’s Wedding?

According to The Times the 400-person guest list included “members of Britain’s oldest and wealthiest aristocratic families.”

Prince William and his cousin Princess Eugenie were both spotted at the celebration.

While Prince Harry has a close relationship with Grosvenor and was confirmed to be invited to the wedding, he didn’t attend.

According to People, there’s an “understanding between the two friends” and Harry “sends his love and support and admiration for the couple

Who Designed Oliva Henson’s Wedding Dress?

Oliva wore a custom Emma Victoria Payne silkgown to wed Hugh Grosvenor.

The designer confirmed to Tatler that the bespoke embroidery design on the bridal gown and veil was hand drawn and “incorporates floral motifs and edgings from Olivia’s great great grandmother’s veil from around 1880.”

See Pictures Of Hugh Grosvenor And Olivia Henson’s Wedding

Olivia Henson's bouquet.
Olivia Henson’s bouquet. (Credit: Getty)
Olivia entering the church with her father.
Olivia entering the church with her father. (Credit: Getty)
Olivia Henson and Hugh Grovesnor.
The couple are married. (Credit: Getty)
Prince William at Hugh Grosvenor's wedding.
Prince William attended the wedding. (Credit: Getty)

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