21 Of The Most Memorable Onscreen Female Friendships

Squad goals

We’ll be the first to admit that themes of romance or drama are usually what hooks us into our favourite movies and TV shows, but it’s the female friendships formed between our favourite onscreen characters that keep us coming back for more.

Onscreen, the highs and lows of friendship—specifically, female friendshipreflects our own lives, and has us relating to characters on a new level.

From Sex and the City’s Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte proving friends don’t always have to be on the same path, to Elise, Brenda, and Annie of The First Wives Club a testament to the fact that romantic partners may come and go, but friends are forever. 

Below, a roundup of the most memorable female friendships in television and movie history. 

Jen & Judy, Dead To Me 

While these two had a complicated beginning to their relationshipthat was sparked by some seriously bad circumstancesthe two polar opposites prove that sometimes that’s exactly what we need in a good friendship. 

dead to me

Blair & Serena, Gossip Girl 

From childhood best friends to frenemies (and then back to BFFs), Blair and Serena (or B & S), had a relationship that many of us can relate to—only without the incredibly lavish lifestyle on New York’s Upper East Side. The pair, despite their ups and downs, knew that they were always there for each other. 

gossip girl

Annie & Lillian, Bridesmaids 

Bridesmaids’ Annie and Lillian, along with making us laugh-out-loud, showed us that despite the fact our lives can take different directions, you can learn to grow together—even if we make new friends along the way. The onscreen pairing of real-life BFF’s Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig also makes this an all-time favourite. 


Rory & Lane, Gilmore Girls 

Proof that best friends don’t have to change even when life does, Rory and Lane remained close despite attending different high-schools—which we’ll admit seemed like the end of the world when we were watching it as teens ourselves—and even while they moved away to college. 

rory and lane

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda, Sex and the City

A fictional best friend list wouldn’t be complete without our favourite New York City foursome, and the original #SquadGoals, who after meeting in the Big Apple, went through everything together—from “big” loves, to babies to cancer, and proved that sometimes your friends are truly your “soul mates”, as Charlotte once professed. 

sex and the city

Brooke & Peyton, One Tree Hill 

Okay, despite the love triangle with Lucas Scott that plagued their relationship for the majority of the series, the friends proved that not even a boy could get in the way of their bond. 


Cher & Dionne, Clueless 

If a shared interest in fashion (and makeovers), as well as both being named after famous singers, isn’t the basis for a longlasting friendship, we don’t know what is. 

cher and dionne

Carmen, Bridget, Lena & Tibby, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 

The coming-of-age film on female friendship is one that many of us probably remember fondly, with the four graduates—despite differing interests and life goals—keeping their friendship going with long letters and of course, some magical denim. 


Elise, Brenda, and Annie, First Wives Club

These three were, and remain, a testament to the fact that men come and go, but you can always count on your friends. We’d say this also sparked our love of choreographed dance numbers with our BFFs, too. 

first wives

Romy & Michele, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Even after decades, two high school friends can scheme as if they were teens again—all while realising that their friendship is more important than impressing their old classmates. 


Molly & Amy, Booksmart

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut is a modern and fresh look at female friendship when it’s arguably at its most heightened—high-school. While it’s a comedy, Molly and Amy’s friendship reminds us that when you have truly good friends, you’re not missing out on anything. 


Meredith & Cristina, Grey’s Anatomy 

Forget McDreamy, these two are the real love story on Grey’s. They might not have had the funniest friendship (I mean, how many times did you cry with these two?), but sometimes that’s exactly what some friends are needed for. And thanks to the pair, we now have the phrase: “She’s my person.” 


Kat, Sutton & Jane, The Bold Type

Sometimes it’s not the friends you’ve known forever that make the biggest impact on your life, but the ones you meet at work. These three would go to the ends of the earth for one another, and we love that even with all their differences they always support each other. 


Phoebe, Monica & Rachel, Friends

Ever since we first saw these three on the couch of Central Perk, we wanted to pull up a spot next to them. It’s been over 16 years since the show ended and we still can’t get enough of our favourite female trio—not to mention, the friendship that continues between actresses Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston to this day. 


Grace & Frankie, Grace & Frankie

They may be total opposites, but Jane Fonda’s Grace and Lily Tomlin’s Frankie make a great case for forming friendships later in life—especially when life throws you a massive curveball. 

jane fonda

Elle & Paulette, Legally Blonde 

After meeting at low points in their lives, Elle and Paulette’s friendship is what gave them the confidence to make changes—and if it weren’t for their blossoming relationship onscreen, we’d never have gotten the iconic “Bend & Snap.” 

legally blonde

Molly & Issa, Insecure 

Their relationship may be tumultuous at times (read: that season four fallout), but their relationship mimics many friendships of our own—they may not all be perfect, but learning to grow and forgive can sometimes make them all the more special. 

molly and issa

Courtney, Jane & Christina, The Sweetest Thing

Embarking on an adventure to find a man they met at a club, the true hero of this story is a tale of three friends who will stop at nothing to help the other get what she wants—even if it is with some tough love. 

female bff's

Marissa & Summer, The O.C

While many fans of the show fawn over the bromance between Seth and Ryan, it’s the friendship of Coop and Sum that shines as the greatest beacon of sisterhood in TV history. 


Ryan, Dina, Lisa & Sasha, Girls Trip

Even after five years apart, these four BFFs (played by Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah) prove that a girls trip away is all you need. 

girls trip

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