Are Viral And Aashay Still Together After Wrapping Up ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2?

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Warning: The following story contains major spoilers about Indian Matchmaking season two.

It’s been two years since Indian Matchmaking originally hit Netflix, and now that season two has made its debut, we’re just as hooked as we were when the dating show first aired.

Naturally, once the final episode of the second season wrapped up, curiosity was piqued about which cast members went the distance and which were still looking for love. As expected, this season saw new and familiar cast members meeting with expert Mumbai matchmaker Sima Taparia to find their perfect match. After she sifts through her romantic hopefules, we get to watch the cast members go on a series of awkward dates, with some leading to fireworks and others to, well, disappointment.

One of season two’s favourites, Viral Joshi, is based in North Carolina and had a rather lengthy list of criteria for the man she wanted Sima to match her up with. A self-made and independent woman, her ideal soulmate would be someone who isn’t intimidated by her success, as well as someone from Gujarat who could speak the language with herself and her family.

Sima Aunty decided to match up Viral with a New York City-based doctor named Aashay Shah, who is also from Gujarati and came to the United States at the age of 12. The pair clearly had chemistry, with sparks flying almost immediately after they met, which was when Aashay came all the way to her North Carolina home.

So, while their onscreen romance seemed to be one of the most promising from the entire reality show, are Viral and Aashay still dating after Indian Matchmaking? Keep scrolling to find out.

Indian Matchmaking
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Are Viral and Aashay still together after Indian Matchmaking season two?

On their first date, Viral and Aashay headed straight to a rock climbing gym, where Viral spotted Aashay’s shoulder tattoo and fawned over his impressive climbing skills. By the end of the season, Viral decided to visit Aashay in New York, after a successful first meeting. However, tensions began to rise when Aashay was rather late to their coffee date, but all seemed to be forgiven when the pair walked along the High Line.

Come the end of season two, Viral and Aashay seemed to be heading in the right direction. However, after almost every other cast member struggling to find The One, it only makes sense that fans began doubting whether they could go the distance.

Thankfully, Sima Aunty’s work looks to have paid off, at least by the look of their social media accounts. Fans have taken to Viral and Aashay’s Instagram accounts to search for clues of their ongoing relationship, and it looks as if they have found them.

Given that the second season of the show was likely filmed in late 2021 or early 2022, fans have noticed that the pair have posted photos in the same places since then. For Viral, she shared her trip to the Big Apple on her feed, posting a photo of herself on a rooftop in Williamsburg in April and a photo of herself alongside the Statue of Liberty in June.

Indian Matchmaking
(Credit: @viraljoshi_)

Sure, she could just be visiting Manhattan multiple times in one year for the fun of it, but there’s also a good chance that it’s for someone special.

As for Aashay’s Instagram feed, he has been sharing some similar images to Viral. Ten days after Viral’s post in Williamsburg, he also shared an image of himself at the same venue, standing in the same spot and taken at the same angle as Viral’s. Despite this, Aashay is still yet to be present in any photos from Viral’s home town of North Carolina.

Indian Matchmaking
(Credit: @aashayshah_18)

Since the show wrapped up, neither of the two have publicly posted about their relationship status, nor have they shared any photos together. But they are still following each other on social media and openly like each other’s photos.

And in 2022, nothing confirms good graces between two people than mutually liking each other’s social media posts. So, relationship or not, at least we know that these two are still friends.

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