‘Married At First Sight’s’ Ines Basic Reveals The Abusive Messages She Has Received From Overseas Fans

She has threatened to turn them over to the police

While Married At First Sight is far from new to Australians, the nation’s favourite reality TV drama—whose highly-anticipated reunion is mere days away—has been making waves overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Earlier in January, our beloved rendition of MAFS began showing season six to our English counterparts. Given that the same season was met with substantial fallout from Australian viewers, it made sense that it was also met with backlash from overseas fans who took issue with the cast—which included the likes of Sam Ball, Jessika Power, Cyrell Paule and Ines Basic.

Since it aired, the internet has become inundated with negative reactions from U.K. viewers, however, a selection of fans have taken their distaste for the show one step too far. Many of the cast members have become victim to threatening and disturbing direct messages, specifically Ines Basic.

Taking to her Instagram to share some of the disturbing direct messages that she has received over Instagram for a particular overseas viewer, who previously directed a death threat at her.

Ines Basic
(Credit: @innnnnnes)

In a subsequent Instagram Story, she advised those watching that these kinds of threats will be forwarded to the authorities. The MAFS star also advised her reality star comrades to do the same.

Following up with her on Instagram Story, Basic advises those watching MAFS that threats of this nature will be directly sent to the authorities, and even advises her former co-stars to do the same, writing:

“Hey guys, just to let you know, with threats that severe, they do get passed on to my legal team and the police do trace them. Regardless or not if they are coming from an international IP address or fake account.”

She continued: “So for your own good don’t do this because you will be instantly flagged and stopped at the Australian border. I have had to do it already. Also for anyone else with a large platform who receives messages or comments like this—just making sure you are aware of your rights.”

Ines Basic
(Credit: @innnnnnes)

In the past, Basic previously opened up about her time on the show and the backlash she has received. Speaking to The Sun Online, Basic spoke up about how the threatening messages she’s received has made her question ever travelling to the United Kingdon. 

“I’ve always wanted to go to England but I don’t know if I ever will now as I might get f**king stabbed,” she said.

“I want everyone [in the UK] to know I’m a really nice girl, at the time I was just close-minded and it was all filmed two years ago. I couldn’t even be that person again if I tried.”

However, Basic is far from the only MAFS alum to open a dialogue about the onslaught of violent messages and online bullying that they receive.

Former contestant, and Basic’s on-screen love interest, Sam Ball, took to Instagram to share images of the online abuse that he has also received. 

In his detailed caption, Ball explained the repercussions he’s faced with the public after appearing on the “silly show”, saying:

“I’ve had a lot of positives and negatives within this time mostly caused from me doing that silly show and being to optimistic and ignoring people close to me about the possible repercussions of taking part in that experience.”

He continued: “I don’t have anything to prove to anyone nor do I really care, it’s the past but the show is exploding overseas and I feel like you all need to know what the reality TV world is like from MY experience on it as it’s taken lives from suicide along with causing serious mental health issues for many”

“It’s hard for some and my biggest issue was dealing with all the media at my house every morning and night following me all day for a photo and the adjustment of being high profile’ (utter bullsh*t) I’m not here to please everyone or to be a famous influencer,” he said.

“It’s TV and I hope you all enjoy what I tell you and you get a laugh out of it.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with bullying, you can call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or visit the website. Beyond Blue is an Australia-wide free-call service and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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