Instagram’s 2018 Rich List Has Just Been Revealed

And Selena Gomez has been dethroned

Nowadays having an Instagram account can do a lot more than just allowing you to share pictures with your friends and family – it can actually fund your entire life. 

While we’re lucky to receive a couple dozen likes for our efforts, the social media platform has become a lucrative earner for those who have reached celebrity status, with many earning a whopping six figures per post. 

Courtesy of Hopper HQ, we’ve compiled Instagram’s Rich List for 2018, revealing how much your favourite celebs are raking in per post.

Warning: the figures will make your jaw drop. 

1. Kylie Jenner ($1,000,000 Per Post)

2. Selena Gomez ($800,000 Per Post)

3. Cristiano Ronaldo ($750,000 Per Post) 

4. Kim Kardashian West ($720,000 Per Post) 

5. Beyonce ($700,000 Per Post) 

6. Dwayne Johnson ($650,000 Per Post) 

7. Justin Bieber ($630,000 Per Post) 

8. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior ($600,000 Per Post) 

9. Lionel Messi ($500,000 per Post) 

10. Kendall Jenner ($500,000 Per Post)

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