10 Hilariously Accurate And Relatable Memes About Being An Introvert During Quarantine

"‘Social distancing’ please I’ve been training for a pandemic my entire life"

While many of us are struggling to adjust to our new “social distancing” life amid a worldwide pandemic, there is one group in society that has continued to thrive despite the changes. That’s right, it’s an introvert’s world out there right now and we’re just (barely) living in it.  

Contrary to the stereotype, introverts aren’t necessarily shy or awkward in social situations, they are just more comfortable with ‘alone time’ than their extraverted counterparts, who rely on the energy of other people around them. 

Take it from someone who lives with an introvert – these guys have got quarantine down-pat. While many of us countdown the hours (or minutes) until we’re able to communicate with our friends via any virtual means necessary, an introvert’s routine has hardly changed in the slightest – and us extraverts are understandably jealous.

Although we’re not quite sure how long this ‘new normal’ will last for, one thing we do know is 2020 is certainly the year of the introvert, and Twitter is absolutely here for it. If you consider yourself an introvert, you’re sure to get a good chuckle from these painfully relatable memes the internet is dishing out.

Keep scrolling for 10 hilariously accurate memes about being an introvert during quarantine.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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