Rumour Has It, ‘MAFS’ Jake Edwards And ‘The Bachelor’s’ Jess Brody Are An Item, And No, We’re Not Surprised

The two were spotted sharing a cheeky vino

As the episodes roll on, so does the Married At First Sight drama, and naturally, we can’t get enough.

It has been all but one week since season eight of the reality TV series premiered on screens across Australia and it looks like one groom may have already called it quits—and moved on with someone from another dating show.

Turns out, the first groom to walk down the aisle, Jake Edwards has been spotted with someone other than his on-screen wife, Beck Zemek. 

Since the show has finished filming, internet sleuths have figured out that Jake and The Bachelor alumni Jess Brody shared a wine together over the weekend.

Appearing in Matt Agnew’s season and last year’s Bachelor In Paradise, she shared an image of her and another person’s hand next to two glasses of wine and eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that the identifying tattoo on the hand next to hers, that reads “order”, belongs to Jake.

However, Jess has since cleared up the rumours by stating that she and Jake are only friends, telling Daily Mail that they were just merely catching up with a cheeky vino.

“I’m in a relationship with someone else,” she insisted to the publication

But of course, the rumours—squashed or not—were quick to believe given the former AFL player’s questionable past that has recently been revealed. 

Prior to the show, the 32-year-old was involved in a cheating scandal with his ex-fiancé Paige, when friends of hers called him out on social media.

Taking to Instagram, one of Paige’s friends said, “First of all LEL at ‘EX AFL Star'”, in retaliation to a news headline about Jake. Another friend also posted comments about his past behaviour, saying: “Good luck to his future. In the midst of it all finds it somewhere in him to apply for MAFS.”

Of course, that was only the beginning with Paige herself coming out to publicly announce that she wouldn’t be watching this season, adding she won’t be “wasting” her energy with it.

“I am not watching MAFS and have no intention to. I don’t want to waste my energy on it so please stop sending me everything you see,” she wrote.

Married At First Sight Australia airs tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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