Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Met Up One Last Time On Valentine’s Day

“Justin flew in on a private jet”
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ICYMI, love died last week when Jennifer Aniston and her husband of two years, Justin Theroux, announced their split.

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Despite only being made public on February 16, their official statement revealed that the pair’s decision was “lovingly made at the end of last year.”

So this latest update is even more surprising: a source tells People that Aniston and Theroux had one last date on Valentine’s Day, two days before going public with their split.

 “Justin flew on a private to LA to see Jen one last time,” the source says. “They saw each other late at night on Valentine’s Day in LA [and] they decided together that they would make the announcement the next day.”

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The source adds that the couple had conflicting ideas about when to go public, revealing that Aniston “didn’t want to announce it for as long as possible,” while Theroux “wanted to make the announcement so he can live his life.”

Living in separate cities (Aniston is based in LA while Theroux lives in New York) is said to have contributed to the high-profile pair drifting apart.

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