Jennifer Lawrence Just Masterfully Hid A Pizza Stain On Her Dress

All while walking the red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence’s pizza obsession is well-documented, but this is the best proof yet that she really does love the stuff: she just walked the red carpet in a pizza-stained dress.

Back in her home state of Kentucky, Lawrence was due to attend Derby Week’s opening night with Woodford Reserve when she realised she’d somehow left her Dolce & Gabbana gown at home (another typical J-Law move). 

After having the dress flown in by private jet, Lawrence and her stylist realised that it had an enormous pizza stain right on the thigh.

“She did her best to conceal her pizza stain with her clutch the whole evening, but laughed about it as she walked the orange carpet,” a source told Page Six.

Find any photo from the night and Lawrence has her clutch placed firmly in the same spot, each and every time.

Just another reason why we love her.

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