The Two Questions Jessica Alba Says You Should Never Ask A Pregnant Woman

She’s been there and she hates it.

Unless you’re currently cooking a tiny human in your belly, be warned, Jessica Alba has some sage advice for you.

Taking to Instagram, the 36-year-old has made it very clear that there are two questions you should never ask a mum-to-be. 

“Ask me gender and due date one more time…,” she captioned a gif if her Dark Angel character kicking a shirtless man in the face.

Her cheeky post was quick to resonate with her followers, racking up more than a million views and hundreds of supportive comments in just 24 hours.

“I was just telling my fiancé that I need a shirt that says ‘yes I’m pregnant, I am due December 3rd, no I don’t know the gender we are waiting so it’s a surprise. Any other questions?” one user wrote. 

“For real! And don’t touch the belly!” another added.

Message received loud and clear!

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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