JLo’s Abs Are Just One Move Away, Says Her Trainer

No seriously, this is how to get her abs

When you think of the best abs in Hollywood (because you do often, right) Jennifer Lopez has to be top of mind.

The 46-year-old, who somehow manages to defy that pesky thing called ageing and somehow manages to look better as the years go on.

Now her trainer David Kirsch has revealed just how she gets them – and he says it’s all down to one move.

“Whenever I work with Jennifer, we always work her full body. She likes high-intensity workouts and keeping the variety up,” the trainer-to-the-stars tells Allure.

‘It’s all about shaping and toning the curves that God blessed her with. We do a lot of circuit training and a lot of compound movements, like crossover lunges and single-leg squats. We do a lot of burpees. We also do a little bit of kickboxing.”

That’s all well and good, but what is this elusive “one move” that will have us looking like JLo?

“For her abs and core, we do stability-ball pikes,” adds Kirsch, which he demonstrates in his book, Ultimate Family Wellness.

Along with this magical move, which shedoes ever day, Kirsch says JLo however credits her killer body with, you guessed it: a superhealthy diet.

“You want to try to avoid alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, and dairy,” adds Kirsch.

Oh that old chestnut.

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