Kate Middleton And Prince William Have IKEA Furniture In Kensington Palace

Royals, they're just like us

It turns out, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are more like us commoners than we once thought. 

While on their royal tour through Sweden, Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed they, like the rest of us, own IKEA furniture.

The pair were at ArkDes, Sweden’s national museum for art and design, when they met Marcus Engman, IKEA’s head of design. Engman later told reporters that they royals revealed they use IKEA’s low cost designs in Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s rooms.

That’s right: the future King of England uses IKEA.

Kate Middleton

Kate and Wills didn’t go into further details, unfortunately, because we have a few questions: do they spend their Saturdays casually strolling through IKEA? Do they eat the IKEA hotdogs? Do they assemble the furniture themselves? Can we come over?

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