Katy Perry Adds Podcast Host To Her Repertoire With New Series About Elizabeth Taylor

She's reaching for the microphone for a different reason.
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For Katy Perry, her vocal cords and a microphone go together better than anything else.

But while we’re used to hearing her vocal range through musical notes, the Witness singer wants to speak to us on a more literal level.

To do so, the 37-year-old pop star is trying her hand at podcasting, through an upcoming podcast series that will tell the life story of Elizabeth Taylor, as per Variety.

Aptly titled Elizabeth The First, the podcast will include never-before-heard stories about the actress through a 10-part series that will be narrated by Katy.

“Like most people, I was attracted to her glamour, and in my own life, I continue to find myself referencing her through some of my visuals,” Katy revealed in a statement, per JustJared.

“I’ve always felt a kinship towards her—I’ve even literally bathed in the same bathtub where she made that bar-setting Cleopatra deal!”

“I’m inspired by her bold activism, her constant boss moves in business, and through it all, an unapologetic way of loving—all things I try to live in my own life. It’s an honour to be able to share her story in this way.”

Katy Perry
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Elizabeth The First will include stories from the figures who were closest to Elizabeth, who passed away in 2011. The limited series will also feature “exclusive access to audio from the archives of the House Of Taylor”.

Given the series includes 10 parts, it’s safe to say that a healthy amount of Elizabeth’s life will be covered.

According to Variety, the podcast will cover several aspects from her life, including: Elizabeth’s fight with a male-dominated film industry while trying to ‘make it’ as a young actress; her negotiation for a US $1 million salary in the 1963 film Cleopatra, making her the highest-paid actress at the time; the record-breaking Christie’s auction that included her impressive collection of jewellery, and of course, the conception of her White Diamonds fragrance which pioneered the celebrity-made products era that we’re still in today.

But that’s not all, the podcast will also cover her battle with alcoholism and drug abuse and how she utilised her celebrity influence to pull awareness towards HIV and AIDS, which was a taboo topic in Hollywood at the time.

Elizabeth Taylor
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“We are proud to announce this truly innovative and unique podcast about Elizabeth,” said House of Taylor in a statement, per Variety.

“During her lifetime, Elizabeth Taylor was arguably the most famous woman in the world. As such, she was talked about, written about, photographed, referenced and celebrated ad infinitum,” the statement continued.

“She was also judged, analysed and lived her life under the constant scrutiny of the press and public. What makes ‘Elizabeth the First’ extraordinarily special is that this will be the first narrative that explores Elizabeth as the original multi-hyphenate.”

Lucky news for your ears, the podcast will be released on all major podcast platforms and will premiere by middle of 2022.

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