Kendall Jenner On Growing up In The Spotlight, Supermodels And Why She’s “Super Different” From Her Sisters

"I’m very much always a work in progress in my personal life and my work life."

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the spotlight. Since the age of 11, the supermodel-turned-spirits-mogul has shared almost every part of her life to the prying eyes of the public. Now, over a decade later, the star is sharing what it’s really like to keep up with her. 

Speaking to marie claire Australia, the model, mogul and media star gets candid about growing up in the spotlight, becoming a supermodel, why she’s “super different” to her sisters.

Kris Jenner

My mom, Kris, is just a really inspirational person. Something that I really admire her for is her ability to to wear so many hats. She’s a mom, she’s a momager, but she also has a whole bunch of kids (and grandkids) and she deals with all of us on a daily basis. At least one of us are always calling [each day] with a personal problem or work problem and she’s just juggling all of us at the same time. I really admire her strength and ability to give us all the attention I think we need at that time. I would go crazy, I’d lose my mind if I had that many kids that always had something to talk about or freak out about, so she’s really strong for that. And she can handle a lot which is really cool. We worked together recently on the Uber Eats campaign for Australia and it’s not often I get I get the opportunity to spend a workday with her, so I love doing that. 

“She’s a mom, she’s a momager, but she also has a whole bunch of kids (and grandkids) and she deals with all of us on a daily basis” (Credit: Source: Getty)

Kim Kardashian

I’m just really fortunate and lucky to have people in my life that I really trust and who are really smart and who have great advice. Kim and I had a similar trajectory rising through the ranks of the fashion industry. Obviously she’s a queen and she’s a style icon. But, I also think, when I think of any of my sisters, I’ve always just been super different style wise. I was always a tomboy as a kid and really never dressed like any of them, I’d say. Even today I’d say my style is pretty different from all of them, and honestly probably mostly different from Kim, but I really admire her style. I think it’s cool that she has her thing and I have my thing and both are, in my opinion, great. So, I get obviously she’s influential and I will always be influenced by her.

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian ahead of the Emmy Awards in 2019 (Credit: Source: @kendalljenner)

Hailey Bieber

I am very particular about the people I surround myself with. When it comes to my friendships my mantra is, “small but mighty”. I love a small core crew of the friend I’ve had forever. But, I also love… meeting new people and really nurturing new relationships. I think as we get older [things] becomes kind of more distant or maybe sometimes just a little bit harder. We’re not kids anymore and [we’re] more open, I guess. So, it’s really cool, I think, to form new relationships. Friendship is absolutely a valuable thing for me managing life in Hollywood. Hailey and I are both models turned businesswomen and I think we both inspire each other. Something really cool about having friendships and family members and people around me who have, in my opinion, great taste and… great opinions is feeding off that. I love getting Hailey’s opinion on a new project or getting her [view] on how something looks because I always want that feedback. I love constructive criticism. I’m very much like always, in my personal life and my work life a work in progress. So, I think that having people around me that I really trust and good taste is really important. 

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are both models turned moguls.

This story originally appeared in marie claire Australia’s February issue.

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