Kendall Jenner Just Launched An 11-Minute Workout Video

Someone pass us our activewear

We always suspected Kendall Jenner’s exercise regimen erred on the superhuman side – no-one wakes up with abs like that – and her trainer, LA-based fitness guru Gunnar Peterson, confirms it.

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But what happens when Kendall isn’t in the same country as Peterson? She follows an 11-minute, DIY, no-equipment-required workout. And that, unlike the sled-pushing and high-intensity cardio Peterson pushes, sounds doable.

She starts off by holding a forearm plank for 30 seconds, before transitioning into a high plank for another 30 seconds, then side planks.

Next up is side planks with crunches, followed by a low plank lifting alternate arms and legs for 15 seconds.

The only catch? That’s as far as the free preview gets. For the full workout, you need to download Kendall’s app. But to be honest, we’ll be patting ourselves on the back just for getting through the above.

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