Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Being Parent Shamed For Leaving The House

"Why have another kid if you're not going to raise it"

Another day, another celebrity parent being shamed for the way they raise their children.

This time it’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who were spotted leaving the house together on Saturday night – the first time they’d been seen since the birth of their daughter, Chicago, on January 15th.

TMZ reports that the couple hosted a movie night at Kanye’s Calabasas office for a showing of the new film, Honor Up, of which West is an executive producer.

The site says Damon Dash, Terrence J, and others joined the Kardashian-Wests for the viewing.

Naturally, people had a *lot* to say about the parents of three daring to leave the house just a week after their newborn’s birth, when, really, is it any of our business how people choose to raise their own children? 

No, no it is not.

Megan Gale put it perfectly when she copped slack for leaving the house to go to dinner with her husband, shortly after the birth of her second child.

The model and actress edited her original post to say: “For sure we have to devote the majority of our time to our kids.

However, IF it can be managed well, stealing an hour or two, here and there as a couple or an individual is a ‘win’ for parents.

In this instance, we had left Rosie with my very experienced and capable mum after I had bathed, dressed, fed her and put her down plus I’d expressed enough milk for two feeds just in case.”

At the moment, she sleeps for 4-5 hours and then feeds again so we knew we had more than enough time for a 1-hour dinner, which was 3mins from our house.”

We’re sure little Chicago would’ve been perfectly fine for the 2-3 hours her parents were out of the house.

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