Kim Kardashian’s Childhood Nanny Gives Tell-All Interview

Mum-ager Kris was a perfectionist from way back

In the early 90s, Pam Behan was working as a nanny for the Kardashians, looking after the family who would go on to be one of the most famous in the world.

Behan became a trusted member of the family, looking after sisters KourtneyKimKhloé and brother Rob – before they were the social media stars we know today.

On an episode of Scandal Made Me Famous, Behan reveals that Kris Jenner was a demanding boss and liked things to be done a certain way. No surprises there really.

“I liked Kris and I respected her for many reasons,” Behan says about the reality TV matriarch. “She was not easy to work for because she was a perfectionist and she expected perfection.”

“On a daily basis, when she has a very long list and you’re fighting L.A. traffic and taking kids to their events, and maybe possibly not everything on the list gets done,” she continues. “There were a few moments where I got an earful.”

The Kardashian Family in 1991
The Kardashian family in 1991

While Behan says she loves the Kardashians and loved her job, she admitted some days it was hard.

“At first, I used to be just crushed when she would speak to me like that,” she says. “But she vents, she speaks what’s on her mind. She wasn’t easy to work for, but I did enjoy my job.”

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