The KitchenAid x Alemais Collection Is Here To Make Your Kitchen Counter Sing

The perfect setting for Christmas lunch.
kitchen-aid-alemais-collaborationsAlemais x KitchenAid

Calling all fashion girlies who are also ‘I need my house to look as chic as my wardrobe’ girlies, boy do we have the collaboration for you.

Cult cookware brand KitchenAid has collaborated with Australian fashion designer Lesleigh Jermanus and her brand Alemais, to create a series of unique pieces designed to add life and colour to your kitchen.

Alemais is a brand that has gone from strength-to-strength, having recently been shown at Australian Fashion Week, and found in your all your favourite stores, from boutiques to David Jones.

Meanwhile, KitchenAid Stand Mixers are the types of appliances that get handed down from generation to generation, they’re so lauded. In fact, according to the team at KitchenAid, hundreds of thousands of Australians own the beloved appliances. It’s safe to say, this collaboration just made sense.

What Is Available In The KitchenAid x Alemais Collaboration?

Image: KitchenAid x Alemais

The collaboration includes a bespoke Alemais KitchenAid Stand Mixer, as well as a beautiful Alemais-designed tablecloth, both of which are adorned with whimsical illustrations of fruit.

You can shop the illustrious combo here: 

4.8L Artisan Stand Mixer Limited Edition Alemais 2023 KSM182 (comes with Wire Whisk, Flat Beater, Dough Hook, Alemais Print Design Tablecloth (valued at $220), $1,199, KitchenAid

In celebration of the collaboration, we sat down with the teams at KitchenAid and Alemais’ Lesleigh Jermanus, to see how this collection came to life.

Is Alemais x KitchenAid The Brand’s First Collaboration?

“We are consistently inspired by Australia’s creative leadership across industries, particularly in fashion, which sparked an interest in approaching a regional bowl design collaboration.

“Alemais immediately stood out to us as a natural fit to make this happen,” explains Brittni Pertijs, global colour, material and finish designer at Whirlpool.

How Was Designing For Kitchen Ware?

“Since the early days of Alemais the brand has, very organically, resonated with some influential women in the Australian food industry,” explains Alemais’ Jermanus.

“I’ve fan-girled multiple times seeing our pieces worn on cookbook covers and TV shows. When KitchenAid approached us to become the brand’s first ever design collaboration it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss!”

Image: KitchenAid x Alemais

Does Alemais’ Whimsical Design Have A Natural Place In The Home As Well As On The Body?

“As a brand our approach to design is quite broad and far-reaching, two of our everlasting references are travel and interior design.

“Particularly the relationship between the two and different approaches to print, colour, materiality and texture,” explains Jermanus.

What Inspired The Fruit Design?

“The kitchen really is the heartbeat of the home, it’s the meeting place and where everybody always ends up hanging out when entertaining,” Jermanus says.

“We wanted to bring this sensibility to our design capturing all the elements – nature, food, joy, connection and a healthy dose of whimsy.”

The best way to make the most of the products? Well Jermanus says she’ll be hosting Christmas this year, using her Alemais x KitchenAid Stand Mixer to whip her pavlova, and setting out her table settings on the unique tablecloth.

What more could a girl dream of (except maybe also donning an Alemais dress for the occasion).

Shop the collection here.

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