The Two Biggest Trends In Kitchen Design For 2021 Are Polar Opposites

We can't choose!

When it comes to 2021 kitchens, there are two design trends running neck-and-neck for top placement. Black kitchens… and white kitchens. Both chic, and both worth considering.  


The LBK (little black kitchen) is perennially stylish. It can be moody and dramatic or quietly hang in the background. The beauty of black is that when paired with a matte finish, the joins around drawers and doors blur so that kitchen cabinetry reads more like furniture. Inky appliances (such as the stack of Bosch Series 8 ovens featured here) and powder-coated fittings keep the palette in check. Here, interior designer Deborah Quigley of Lane & Grove used textured black stained veneer, oak and stone to position the kitchen as “the hero of the home”.

Create a uniform look with matching black glass appliances (Bosch’s Series 8 range is your go-to here). The trick is lining up appliances with cabinetry for continuous joins. Texture drives this look – think woodgrain, leather and powder-coated steel. Integrated fridges and dishwashers keep the look consistent.

black kitchen



Forget clinical hospital whites — the new pale tones are creamy and full of depth. At the helm are travertine, Venetian plaster and ancient marble, which are all having a resurgence. These tactile surfaces are at their most potent when paired with curves. In the kitchen, integrated appliances and innovations, such as 2-in-1 cooktops (doing away with blocky range hoods), prove fluid is the way of the future.

Interior designer Cassie James-Herrick took inspiration from the existing travertine floors in this kitchen, which “were too good to replace”.

Cathy Schusler
Kitchen by CJH Studio

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