Kmart Is Really Having Its Most Chic Moment Yet When It Comes To Homewares

Super affordable, super stylish.

Kmart has been kicking goals in the homewares space for years now, but it seems 2021 is the year the national store took things to the next level. From chic furniture that looks far more expensive than it is to perfect pottery-inspired dinnerware, the brand has nailed the chic-yet-affordable brief.

The rule of thumb with homewares and keeping things affordable has always been to mix and match. Rather than shop purely investment pieces, its smart to weave in affordable buys – especially for items that experience more wear and tear.

I recently bought this entire collection of dinnerware from Kmart for my new apartment – my partner is notoriously heavy-handed and has already broken at least three of my wine glasses by simply looking at them, it feels. I wanted a dinnerware set that suited my style (70s tragic) but wasn’t going to lead to tears if he chipped a bowl. 

I bought almost the entire collection – plates, side plates, large bowls, small bowls, mugs – for under $100. I’m talking like ten plates, ten bowls. A significant amount of dinnerware that was more than enough to cater to our nightly meals and a dinner party, when those are back on.

I didn’t stop there. I bought these cut-glass tumblers that are perfect for my new nightly martini obsession:


$12 for 6! That is unheard of affordability.

I went a bit mad then and bought these glasses for water and so on, plus some stemless wine glasses (to replace the ones Tom has broken) and even a glass jug I plan to use as a red wine decanter (because I drink so much red wine… by which I mean I never drink red wine).

I stopped short of buying these leather look coasters because, while so stylish, I already have coasters and just couldn’t justify it.

The point being, I was incredibly surprised to find so many homewares that fit fluidly with my slightly retro, 70s aesthetic. I knew Kmart had gone stylish, but I wasn’t aware it was THIS level of stylish. Take the furniture for example. 

Rattan! Scandi-style minimalism! The designs are so on point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I showed an image of a Kmart bedroom setup and a high-end boutique bedroom setup to someone, and they wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. 

I almost bought this gorgeous bedhead for a chill $129:


But I literally just bought a bed which has a frame, so it seemed a bit redundant to have a spare bedhead. 

If you want to check out the Kmart homewares collection, head this way

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