Kylie Jenner Gets Honest About Her Private Post-Partum Struggle

She’s not alone in this experience.
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Kylie Jenner may be a billionaire, reality TV icon and beauty mogul, but the 25 year-old is still human.

In an interview for Vanity Fair Italia, Jenner opened up about becoming a mother for the second time with her son, Aire (she is already mother to Stormi, 5), and her experience with post-natal depression.

The celebrity admitted she has experienced the so-called ‘baby blues’ with both pregnancies, and that in the thick of it she thought the feelings would “never pass”.

Luckily for Jenner, the negative thoughts weren’t as oppressive with Aire as they were when she gave birth to Stormi in 2018.

“The first time was very difficult, the second was more manageable,” she told the publication.

Kylie got honest with her fans. (Credit: Image: Instagram)

While Jenner did not say exactly what form her depression took, she did indicate that it had to do with pressure to be ‘bouncing back’ and feel perfect in new motherhood.

“I know, in those moments you think that it will never pass, that your body will never be the same as before, that you will never be the same,” she explained. “That’s not true: the hormones, the emotions at that stage are much, much more powerful and bigger than you.”

“I just keep reminding myself I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy.”

She decided to share her journey to remind other mums that what they see on social media isn’t always an accurate description of parenthood.

“It’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually, it’s just crazy,” she said.

“I didn’t just want to get back to life without saying that because I think we can look on the internet — for other moms going through it right now — we can go on the internet, and it might look a lot easier for other people, and put the pressure on us, but it hasn’t been easy for me either.”

It might look easy online, but that isn’t the truth. (Credit: Image: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Jenner has spoken about the ‘baby blues’, which fellow celebrities Julia Fox and Hayden Panettiere have also talked publicly about. On The Kardashians, Jenner explained the deep sadness she felt, and how it was particularly debilitating early on.

“I cried nonstop all day for the first three weeks… to the point where I’d be laying in bed and my head would just hurt so bad,” she told her sister Kendall on the show. “It’s just the baby blues, and then it kinda goes away.”

While Jenner admits that she felt better within six weeks, it is important for new mothers to remember that they should seek help as soon as they notice they’re not feeling themselves.

If you think you may be struggling, call the Beyond Blue helpline on 1300 22 4636 or have an online chat with one of their counsellors.

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