Labia Puffing Is The New Cosmetic Surgery Taking The World By Storm

It's been compared to 'Scrotox'!

‘Labia puffing’ is one of the latest anti-ageing cosmetic surgery trends that is gaining popularity around the world.

It involves injecting more fat into the labia majora from other parts of the patient’s body. The procedure removes wrinkles, and boosts volume of the labia.

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The procedure has been compared to ‘Scrotox’, the procedure for men where botox is inserted into the scrotum.

Daily Mail spoke to Dr Jack Zoumaras from Artiste Plastic Surgery about why people would choose to get the surgery.

“In Australia at the present time, this is not a procedure that is hugely requested, but watch this space,” Dr Zoumaras said.


“The vast majority of patients interested in labia surgery request a labiaplasty or “designer vagina”. They are usually of a younger age group.


“But, for an older patient, a combined labiaplasty and labia puffing can create a youthful and younger vagina.”


In fact, a study was recently done that revealed that a third of doctors in Australia are approached by teenage girls for genital cosmetic surgery – usually requesting labiaplasty. However it seems the older demographic are starting to consider the surgery too.

In Australia, labia puffing currently costs about $4000, and the recovery time is usually about a day or two.

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