These Are The Least Popular Baby Names In 2018

They were big in the '70s but not so much now...

Whilst the amount of Emmas, Avas and Liams are only on the up and up, baby names like Gary and Linda have become few and far between.

In New South Wales, between 2004 and 2008, less than 10 Garys were born each year and according to the Daily Mail, none after that.

Poor Gary. 

So if you want an option that’s truly unique these days, Netmums has rounded up the names that are almost nonexistent today, despite being being hugely popular in earlier decades.


1. Annette

2. Elaine

3. Linda

4. Susan

5. Carol

6. Janey

7. Donna

8. Tracy

9. Judy

10. Debbie


1. Gary

2. Gareth

3. Norman

4. Ronald

5. Nigel

6. Gerald

7. Barry

8. Roy

9. Clive

10. Ian

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health AU.

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