The Least Stressful Jobs Of 2018

High-stress job getting you down? Maybe it’s time for a career change...

With the end of the year in sight, now is often the time we start to re-evaluate the year just gone, looking back on what was good and what was bad – and what we would change for the one ahead. And usually one of the biggest questions on our lists is our job. If you felt like you spent this year feeling way too stressed and not loving your job, then maybe it’s time to think about a career change. But what are the least stressful jobs out there? And can you find a high-paying job with low stress? 

Career and money are two of the leading – and consistent – causes of stress. And while some stress in your job is usually unavoidable, it does vary greatly between jobs and professions. Individual circumstances also dictate how people deal with stress, so stress levels might differ between colleagues even if they are performing the exact same role.

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While some jobs pose a life-threatening risk on the daily, like firefighters and the armed forces, others may be stressful due to things like strict deadlines or being susceptible to public scrutiny.

Careers website analysed jobs to find a baseline understanding of workplace stress, looking at 11 factors which included:

  • Travel
  • Career Growth Potential
  • Physical Demands
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Hazards Encountered
  • Meeting the Public
  • Competition
  • Risk of Death or Grievous Injury
  • Immediate Risk of Another’s Life
  • Deadlines
  • Working in the Public Eye
Least stressful jobs

The 10 least stressful jobs of 2018 are:

10. Medical Lab Technician

  • Median Salary: $50,930*
  • Projected Growth: 10.00%

9. Operations research analyst

  • Median Salary: $79,200*
  • Projected Growth:27.00%

8. Pharmacy Technician

  • Median Salary: $31,750*
  • Projected Growth: 12.00%

7. Jeweller

  • Median Salary: $37,960*
  • Projected Growth: -7.00%

6. Compliance Officer

  • Median Salary: $67,870*
  • Projected Growth: 5.00%

5. Medical records technician

  • Median Salary: $39,180*
  • Projected Growth: 13.00%

4. University professor

  • Median Salary: $75,430*
  • Projected Growth: 15.00%

3. Audiologist

  • Median Salary: $75,980*
  • Projected Growth: 21.00%

2. Hairstylist

  • Median Salary: $24,900*
  • Projected Growth: 10.00%

1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

  • Median Salary: $65,620*
  • Projected Growth: 17.00%

What are the highest paid jobs that are low in stress?

According to the data presented here, the highest paying job that is low in stress was an Operations research analyst which earned, on average, $79,200*. This was closely followed by an Audiologist, which earned, on average, $75,980* and a University Professor, which earned, on average $75,430.

What are the lowest stress jobs without a degree?

Without a degree, the lowest stress jobs included a hair stylist – which despite being customer facing and at the mercy of the demands of the customer, overall the stresses faced universally are lower than most.

Other low-stress roles without a degree include Medical Records Technician, Jeweller and Pharmacy Technician.

What are the best low stress jobs for people with anxiety or are introverted?

Any low stress job is a good place to start for those suffering with anxiety, as stress can tend to exacerbate anxious feelings. Jobs where you do not have to be customer facing are also an advantage for example, Medical Records Technician, Jeweller, Operations Research Analyst or a Medical Lab Technician.

For more information on finding work and mental illness, you can visit WISE Employment 

What are the lowest stress medical/healthcare roles?

According to the data, a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is the least stressful medical (and overall) career, but also making the top 10 were Audiologist as well as, Medical Records Technician and Medical Lab Technician.

*All median salary data in USD via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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