Libra Season Is Here To Help You Find Balance In Your Life

The vibes are about to shift.

Libra season is upon us, and luckily for us, that means life is about to feel a whole lot more harmonious.

That’s right, just like the set of scales that symbolise this Zodiac, Libra season is all about nailing that elusive work-life balance and, hopefully, feeling happier and more fulfilled in the process.

So for tips and tricks for steadying your footing this Libra season, including exactly what’s in store for each of the Zodiac signs, keep reading.

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When Is Libra Season?

Date: September 23 – October 22

Element: Air

Symbol: The Scales

Planets: Venus

What Are The Personality Traits Of Libra?

With warmth and affection in spades, Libra is the extrovert of the Zodiac friendship group.

Sociable and empathetic, Librans have a unique ability to see every side of a situation, and are happiest when those around them are content.

Libras are also associated with leadership and intellect, thanks to their position as a cardinal air sign (in other words, the first sign of the Spring season). This means Librans have a knack for influencing those around them with their thought-provoking ideas – where Libra leads, the rest of the zodiacs follow.

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Which Signs Are Most Compatible With Libra?

Libra and Gemini will typically get along like a house on fire, thanks to their matching communicative flair. 

Libra and Leo make a similar dynamic duo, with both signs sharing a love of socialising and fun. 

Which Signs Are Least Compatible With Libra?

Leo and Aries make for a problematic pair, as a result of their opposing positions in the zodiac. Aries is ruled by Mars, giving them a fiery competitive streak, which is no match for Libra’s need for harmony and aversion for conflict.

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What Does Libra Season Mean For The Rest Of The Zodiac Signs?

Libra season presents the perfect time to take stock of your life, and get clarity on areas that might need more balance. If you’ve been feeling like a workaholic in Virgo season (likely due to this sign’s obsession with meticulousness and industriousness), then Libra season is the time to let your hair down and tend to your social life. Or, if you;’re still riding high on the socialisation of Leo season, perhaps Libra season could be the time to knuckle down and set goals at work. 

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