The Hair Change You Should Get Next, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars be your guide

If there’s one philosophy that’s stood the test of time, it’s “When in doubt, let the stars be your guide”.

Alright, perhaps that’s not exactly an adage, but it does explain why we often turn to astrology when faced with indecision and uncertainty.

And if you’ve been considering a hair refresh but can’t decide on your next cut or colour (to chop, or not to chop?), it could be worth putting your faith in the stars for a change.

Looking for your next ‘do? Scroll on for the haircut or colour you should have next, according to your zodiac sign.

Capricorn: ‘Expensive’ Hair

expensive brunette hair for your zodiac
(Credit: @hungvango)

Given conservative Capricorn’s penchant for the pragmatic, there is often a tendency to shy away from change. This is why subtle ‘expensive’ hair trends, with beautifully blended highlights and gradients is the perfect way to liven up your locks without feeling OTT. Expensive brunette and blonde hair is luxurious and effortless-looking — although, your colourist may beg to differ!

Aquarius: The Tousled Bob

tousled lob
(Credit: @lucyboynton1)

Known for their independent and easy-going nature, Aquarians aren’t ones for fuss. Enter: the tousled bob. A laid-back look that suits all seasons, it’s a fun, breezy style that’s perfect for a hair refresh.

Pisces: Honey Caramel Hair

honey caramel hair
(Credit: @nonnymulholland)

Dreamers at heart, intuitive Pisceans should consider the equally dreamy ‘honey caramel’ hue for their next colourist appointment. A flattering shade founded upon a rich brunette base with hints of (you guessed it) caramel and mocha woven through, it’ll leave you with a just-got-back-from-Mykonos glow. Divine.

Aries: Go Red

Aries red hair
(Credit: @patrickta)

Arguably the most fiery of all the fire signs, Aries are known to command attention, which is why a red-hot look would suit perfectly. Be it dark, rich garnet or bright copper, there are plenty of shades to choose from.

Taurus: The Modern Shag

suki waterhouse haircut shag
LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 16: Suki Waterhouse attends the JW Anderson show during London Fashion Week September 2023 at The Roundhouse on September 16, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/BFC/Getty Images)

Lovers of luxury yet down to earth, Taurus will look every bit the sensual creatures they are with a messy, modern shag. A little bit ‘bed hair’, a little bit ‘rock’n’roll’, the undone style is edgy yet elegant, just like the earth sign. Think: Suki Waterhouse.

Gemini: Curtain Fringe

Curtain fringe on camilla cabello
(Credit: @patrickta)

Easy, breezy Gemini loves versatility, and a curtain fringe is all about ‘bang’ (pardon the pun) for your buck. Intentionally messy but easy to style into a side fringe or wispy ‘French girl’ look, it’s perfect for the air sign’s ever-changing moods.

Cancer: Embrace Natural

curly hair for cancer zodiac
(Credit: @emilychengmakeup)

Loyal and loving Cancer is always accepting of others, but the Crab occasionally struggles to allow their true self to emerge from behind their tough shell. Now is the time to embrace the real you, and allow your natural hair—whether curly, coily, straight or otherwise—to shine. Consider asking your hairdresser for a haircare routine that is specially designed for elevating your unstyled strands.

Leo: Big Bombshell Hair

Big bombshell hair for leo
(Credit: @hungvanngo)

The Leo motto is “Go big or go home” (whether we’re in or out of Leo season). And when it comes to the ultimate hairstyle for the Lion’s mane, the ‘bombshell blow dry’, with its dramatic volume at the roots and cascading curls, more than fits the bill. 

Virgo: The ‘Money Piece’

The money piece hair on beyonce a zodiac haircut for virgo
(Credit: @beyonce)

Perfectionist, hard-working Virgos might not enjoy getting wrapped up in drama (they are far too occupied for that), but a slightly dramatic look isn’t out of the question. Take your cue from Beyoncé (AKA the ultimate Virgo) and go for striking yet subtle face-framing ‘money piece’ highlight. 

Libra: The Long Bob

Long Bob on elsa hosk, a zodiac haircut for libra
(Credit: @patrickta)

Although fans of glamour and all-things beauty (they are ruled by Venus, after all), Libras do tend to be indecisive. Hence, a long bob, which sits perfectly between a true jaw-grazer and mid-length strands is the happy, chic medium that’s sure to appease any Goldilocks tendencies.

Scorpio: Old Hollywood Waves 

Old Hollywood Waves zodiac haircut for scorpio
(Credit: @hungvanngo)

Considered the ‘sexiest sign’ of the Zodiac, magnetic and mysterious Scorpio has the aura to pull off this sensual, vintage style. Scorpios with long hair should sweep their tumbling waves over one shoulder for an even more dramatic look that accentuates their natural smoulder.

Sagittarius: A Blunt Fringe

jane birkin hair fringe
Image: Getty

Adventurous and outgoing Sagittarius has the guts to pull off bold looks, and that includes a blunt fringe. Birkin bangs could be a starting point for inspiration, but if this is not for your face-shape (ask your hairdresser), see what other fringe types could work. It could be the aforementioned curtain bangs or maybe even a micro fringe.

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