Lily Allen On Amy Winehouse, Hillary Clinton And Her Mum

The British singer speaks about the women she admires most

We asked Lily Allen about the three women she admires most. Here’s what she had to say… 

Alison Owen


My mum is an incredible woman; she’s bubbly, funny, intelligent and no bullshit. She had my sister when she was 17 years old and has achieved so much for somebody who started out a bit “wobbly”.

My earliest memory of my mum is watching her get dressed up to go out when I was a kid. She’s a film producer and one of her first feature films was Hear My Song [1991].

I remember her getting ready for the premiere and she wore this amazing tight black-lace dress with huge ’80s glass earrings. Her hair was all up in curls and she just looked incredible.

I’ve always admired her tenacity and her work ethic. I think we’re quite different; she’s kind of coy, and I’m more bolshie.

Having children of my own has really changed our relationship. You appreciate the hardships of parenthood more when you’ve gone through it yourself.

I definitely have a lot more respect for her since having my own kids. She also helps out with them a lot, so I’ve got to give her respect for that. Free childcare!

Amy Winehouse


My mum has always been big into jazz music and she used to play Amy’s album Frank [at home]. That record really resonated with me; I loved it.

When I started to make music professionally, Amy inspired me. I really looked up to her even though I was only a couple of years younger.

I remember playing a concert at [the music venue] Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London and there was a commotion up on the balcony on the left-hand side. This huge beehive arrived and I thought, “Oh fuck! It’s Amy Winehouse!” That was the first time I came into contact with her.

Amy put up with a lot of bullshit, but she was tough. She definitely had an  attitude, but she wasn’t rude. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

She wrote some incredible songs that will live on forever and ever.

Hillary Clinton


Even though I’m not American and I couldn’t vote in their [2016] election, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton instead of the misogynist arsehole that ran against her.

It seemed like it was the right time for a female president.

Who knows what would have happened if there hadn’t been collusion and corruption involved?

I think Hillary was dragged over the stones during her campaign against Donald Trump. But she never stooped to his level. She didn’t throw insults around or resort to playground tactics. She always held her head high and was unashamedly herself.

Unfortunately he won and she lost, but I think she’s come out the other side stronger for it. Even though she’s not president, she’s still dignified.


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