The 23 Most Iconic Lingerie Movie Scenes Of All Time


Be it the siren or the ingenue, sultry black lace or a slinky white slip, there’s no doubting the power of an iconic lingerie moment in cinema.

Responsible for cementing the status of some of Hollywood’s greatest bombshells, these revealing scenes have also influenced designers and fashion enthusiasts around the globe for decades, and continue to live on to this day.

From Elizabeth Taylor’s famous slip dress moment in Butterfield 8 to Angelina Jolie sporting a skintight leather corset in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the silver screen has delivered many stunning lingerie scenes over the years.

And because we always enjoy the opportunity to revisit our favourite moments in fashion history, we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish lingerie movie moments of all time. Keep scrolling to see them all.


Marilyn Monroe’s subtle hint of lace in The Seven Year Itch in 1954.


Elizabeth Taylor in a lace-trimmed slip in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof in 1958.


Sophia Loren in a black corset with suspenders and stockings in The Millionairess in 1960.


Elizabeth Taylor in a silk slip in Butterfield 8 in 1960.

sofia loren

Sophia Loren in a floor-length negligée in Marriage Italian Style in 1964.


Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot in showgirl-style corsets in Viva Maria in 1965.


Catherine Deneuve in a matching white set with sheer accents in Belle de Jour in 1967.


Anne Bancroft wearing a leopard print set in The Graduate in 1967.

silk slet

Michelle Pfeiffer in a printed lingerie set in Scarface in 1984.


Kim Basinger in a slinky white slip in Nine 1/2 Weeks in 1986.


Nicole Kidman in a translucent white camisole and underwear in Eyes Wide Shut in 1999.


Sarah Michelle Gellar in a contrasting bra and waist corset in Cruel Intentions in 1999.


Gwyneth Paltrow in a nude slip in The Royal Tenenbaums in 2001.


Salma Hayek in a maroon lingerie set with gold hardware in From Dusk Til Dawn in 2001.

halle berry

Halle Berry in a black lace set in Swordfish in 2001.


Demi Moore in burgundy lingerie and a floor-length fur coat in Charlies Angels: Full Throttle in 2003.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie in a strapless leather corset in Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005.

eva mende

Eva Mendes in a black lace corset in The Women in 2008.


Penelope Cruz in a silk and lace corset in Nine in 2009.


Margot Robbie in a matching white set in The Wolf Of Wall Street in 2013.


Gal Gadot in a high-necked lace bra in Keeping Up With The Joneses in 2016.

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