Netflix’s ‘Love On The Spectrum’ Follows Young Adults With Autism Who Are Looking For Love

"I hope this series will start conversations, help bring about understanding and acceptance"

Here to shed light on an underrepresented dating experience, Love On The Spectrum is the latest must-watch to hit Netflix. 

The Australian docu-series explores the budding romances, first-dates and long-term relationships of a group of young adults who are on the autism spectrum. 

Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, Love on the Spectrum follows seven singles who are stepping into the world of dating. The group receive help from their families, and by a relationship coach and a clinical psychologist who specialises in autism spectrum disorders. The pair offer their expertise and advice on how to navigate the confusing experience that is modern-day dating.

The series also follows success stories, like couple Ruth and Thomas, as well as Jimmy and Sharnae, whose love stories can offer inspiration to others.

Love On The Spectrum
(Credit: Courtesy of ABC)

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series’ director Cian O-Clery said: “What is the most important thing in life? Many people would answer: LOVE. There is a common misconception that people on the autism spectrum are not interested in relationships or romance. From my experience, this simply isn’t true.”

He continued: “As a storyteller I felt we had an opportunity to explore this issue by shining a light on the struggles many people on the spectrum face in seeking out meaningful relationships.”

“I hope this series will start conversations, help bring about understanding and acceptance, and ultimately inspire people with autism, their families, and society at large to find ways to help people on the spectrum find love.”

While the series has been available to watch on ABC iView since 2019, it looks to make its worldwide Netflix debut at the end of the month.

Love On The Spectrum will be available to stream on Netflix on July 22.

Interested? Take a look at the wholesome trailer below:

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