You’re More Likely To Win Competitions If You’re *This* Star Sign

Is it good luck or just destiny?

When it comes to horoscopes, we’re kind of addicted. Whether it’s figuring out who we should date based on our zodiac sign or deciding when to stay at home thanks to Mercury being in retrograde, we go kooky for horoscopes.

So when new data was released by telling us which of the star signs are more likely to win big money, we had to have a look.

As it turns out, those under the Aries sign are most likely to succeed when it comes to big wins. According to the data, which looks at thousands of people and their relevant wins, Aries, Sagittarius and Cancer are most likely to win a competition.

The data set takes into account number of winners and also number of ‘big’ winners. It then breaks down the numbers to come up with a final percentage of overall winners. In raw numbers alone, Virgos seem to win the most, but when it comes to ‘bigger’ wins, they fall behind, giving them an overall place of fifth.

Below, the entire list of star signs most likely to win big, with the number next to them representing how many winners out of 10,000.

Aries – 520

Sagittarius – 519

Cancer – 510

Taurus – 510

Virgo – 498

Scorpio – 496

Libra – 477

Gemini – 476

Pisces – 471

Leo – 467

Aquarius – 462

Capricorn – 456

Sorry, Aquarius and Capricorn, you’d better stick to games of skill next time you’re looking to win big.

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