Yes, Really: Margot Robbie Invited Her Aussie Uber Driver To A House Party

And he turned the offer down!

When faced with the opportunity of kicking on with Margot Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley at a house party, or catching the latest Star Wars flick at the movies, one Australian Uber driver made a very poor decision 

As The Gold Coast Bulletin reports, driver and DJ Robert Bregnsdal claims he struck up a conversation with Robbie and her husband while ferrying the pair from Carrara to Mermaid Beach.

But with Robbie’s name disguised as “Sophia” on the app, Bregnsdal did not realise just who his famous passengers were.

The Gold Coast driver says the trio hit it off during the ride, with Robbie then asking him “What are you doing now?”

“After [the drive] she invited me to come to the house party I said no ’cause I was going to see Star Wars with the boys.” 

Wrong answer, mate.

Although he’s disappointed that he missed the party, Bregnsdal has revealled that the I, Tonya star was one of the nicest passengers he’d picked up, The Sun reports. 

“Can confirm it was her and her boyfriend/husband…probably one of the nicest I’ve met and very down to Earth,” he shared on Facebook.

Who else is considering taking up Uber driving in order to hang out with Robbie too?

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