Margot Robbie’s Nutritionist Reveals The Secret To Weight Loss That We All Overlook

It makes a so much sense
Margot Robbie

Every day our Facebook feeds are bombarded with diet tricks, tips, pills and fad diets, that it can get exhausting and overwhelming just thinking about it.

Now, the nutritionist Margot Robbie turns to when she needs to be looking and feeling her best, says we’re going about it the wrong way. 

Dana James, author of The Archetype Diet, says that simply looking at “calories in calories out” is “woefully inadequate” and says the secret to weight loss that we’re all overlooking is something as simple as talking.

Ok stick with us here, it actually makes a lot of sense. What she describes as “unexpressed emotions” can be the root of the problem when it comes to shedding those last few kilos, and “if emotions are stuck inside you, the weight can also stay stuck”.

Margot Robbie

Penning an article for or MindBodyGreen, James writes that this weight loss tip is “often ignored because emotions can’t be measured.” 

“If emotions are stuck inside you, the weight can also stay stuck.” 

James has provided an alternative weightloss equation to rival the inadequate “calories in calories out” method:

Change in Body Fat = Food + Movement + Hormones + Sleep + Gut Microbiome + Inflammation + Medication + Unexpressed Emotions + Genes

While she admits at first this can seem overwhelming, she instead implores us to find it empowering, genes are the only factor which cannot directly be changed by our actions, but when we address all the other factors these will directly impact your genes, “a clean diet makes cleaner genes.” 

These days we all know the importance of looking after our mental health and speaking with loved ones or a trained professional so this link between mental and physical health makes a lot of sense.

And if nothing else, it’s a good excuse for a catch up with your besties – maybe just substitute wine for kombucha (or don’t)…

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