Relax With The Latest Reads From Australia’s Up-And-Coming Novelists

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The Lizard

by Dugald Bruce-Lockhart (Bloomsbury, $36.99)

This debut novel by Dugald Bruce-Lockhart combines love, mystery and action into one, creating the perfect holiday read. The story of Alistair on the run through the Greek Islands will grab you from the very start. You’ll be swept up in the hedonistic pursuits and the sun-drenched world of sex and drugs, compelling you to finish this book
in one go.

You Have To Make Your Own Fun Around Here

by Frances Macken (Oneworld, $29.99)

Meet Katie, Maeve and Evelyn, three girls united by their childhood games and their dreams of escaping the tiny Irish town they call home. Frances Macken has creatively navigated the exploration of growing up through unforgettable characters and her unflinching look at how we deal with both platonic and sexual relationships. This powerful debut novel packs all the right emotional punches. 

As Swallows Fly

by L.P. McMahon (Ventura, $29.99)

Settle in for a weekend on the couch with this captivating debut novel – a poignant portrayal of survival, identity and empowerment in a culture dominated by the pursuit of perfection. Follow the lives of Malika and Kate as they slowly become intertwined, finding within each other what each has lacked alone. Set in Melbourne, the author asks what might be possible if we have the courage to be flawed…

Sticks and Stones

by Katherine Firkin (Penguin, $32.99)

Looking for a terrifying, twisting thriller that will fulfil your inner detective? Sticks and Stones, Katherine Firkin’s debut novel, inspired by the many criminal trials she covered as a journalist, will do just that. Set in the midst of a dreary Melbourne winter, Emmett Corban is on the hunt for a serial killer, his wife is keeping secrets and the bodies are piling up. Australian crime fiction has just found an exciting new voice.

This article originally appeared in the June 2020 issue of marie claire. 

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