The marie claire Team Share The Morning Routines Keeping Them Sane Right Now

This is how we start the day on the right foot.

We take great comfort in knowing the sun will rise every morning, but are we actually making the most of it? It’s easy to stumble about and start our days without much thought as to what we’re doing, but setting yourself up for success throughout the day really begins  in those first few moments. 

Yep, it’s time to resist the urge to hit snooze repeatedly and instead, give things like morning meditation and before-work walks a whirl. After all, if start our days on a high note and give ourselves a little love first thing, it’s more likely to carry on throughout the day, too. 

If your morning routine is in need of a little zhuzh (or a complete revamp) and you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. The marie claire team take our morning routines very seriously, and we’re all about maximising our mornings and injecting as many good vibes in as we can before we hit our desks. 

Read on to find out how the marie claire digital team start their mornings on the right foot.

In the peppy words of Kylie Jenner, it’s time to rise n’ shine! 


“I try to start my mornings with a 5 minute guided meditation, just something super simple to get my stress levels low before the day starts! I always eat breakfast – I wind up with a favourite that I stick to for months, then never want to touch again. At the moment I’m all about porridge with like, a million additions – almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, honey, cinnamon, the works. I try to have coffee sparingly because I have anxiety and if it’s a bad day, coffee just makes it worse. But if I’m having a good morning I’ll have one because good lord, the taste is just so good isn’t it?” – Melissa Mason, Digital Editor 

“I always start my mornings the same because I’m a firm believer that setting intentions and keeping good habits is great for mental health. I try and wake up at the same time and walk for an hour, grabbing my morning coffee on the way (which always incentivises me on the mornings I can’t be bothered walking). I’ll then come back and make some breakfast which has been the same thing for the past few years— my beloved oats. They’re so delicious and I look forward to them outside in the sunshine every single day. My current favourite is adding raspberries and biscoff biscuit spread (it’ll change your life)” – Lucy Cocoran, Digital Lifestyle Editor 

“My mornings vary between being super productive and sometimes just wanting to lie in bed for an extra 15 minutes having a cheeky Instagram scroll—which is totally okay! On the mornings I’m up and at ’em, I do a 15 minute yoga routine, then my partner and I make a cup of coffee and eat breakfast together (usually a big bowl of muesli). I’ll then attempt to tame my hair before settling down at my laptop—or in those elusive post-lockdown times, I’ll be fast-walking to the bus stop to head to the office” – Jess Pullar, Digital Culture Editor

“When it comes to my morning routine, there are a few steps that are vital in ensuring I have a productive and uplifted day. Every morning, I immediately wash my face with cold water, apply my skincare and head downstairs to make myself an iced Matcha latte—no matter what cold the weather is. But the must-have step in my routine has to be spending 5-10 minutes enjoying some breakfast while sitting in my little garden and soaking up the sun rays. That way, I’ve had my serotonin and Vitamin D intake for the day and a healthy dose of fresh outside air, there’s nothing quite like it” – Diandra Malivindi, Digital Beauty Writer 

This feature is part of the Positivity Project in partnership with Kellogg’s Special K, empowering Australian women to feel good, strong and confident in their own skin.

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