Everyone Is Loving Jason & Alana’s Healthy Sex Life On ‘MAFS’

More of this, please.

If there’s something we’re always happy to see more of, it’s sex positivity. Sex isn’t a bad word, and having a healthy sex life – where both parties get pleasure from the experience and work to give that to each other – is what it’s about. So it was great to see Married At First Sight couple Alana and Jason expressing that tonight.

Basically, when asked by the experts what she likes about Jason, Alana said his kindness… and also the fact he makes her orgasm when they have sex. The other contestants immaturely giggled at this like saying you receive sexual pleasure is taboo, but we were happy (as were the experts) to see a woman confidently discussing her sex life and a man who is clearly caring about the experience of his sexual partner.

Seriously, more sex positivity on Australian reality TV.

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