An Investigation Into Whether ‘MAFS’ Alana And Jason Are Still Together

If rumours are to be believed, the couple are involved in a "shocking twist" at final vows.

As Married At First Sight begins its final vows tonight, the couples who have bravely joined Channel Nine’s social experiment must decide if they plan to leave as a couple or call it quits—and one couple in particular we’re dying to see how things have turned out since the series ended is Alana and Jason. 

While the season has been largely dominated by Bryce and Melissa’s relationship, the couple demanding the drama as rumours of a “secret girlfriend” spread throughout the group, resulting in numerous dinner party blowups (which featured yet another wine-throwing incident). 

Even Alana and Jason’s relationship was affected by the drama going on between Bryce and Melissa. Alana decided to speak her mind and tell Melissa something Jason had told her in confidence, which caused Jason to storm out of the dinner party yelling: “You will never see me again after this.”

Despite having some rocky patches, the couple has pretty much been a steady partnership throughout the past several weeks. 

On Monday night’s episode, the pair made their decisions to stay or leave. 

“Alana is definitely the perfect woman for me and I can’t wait to tell her how I feel,” Jason tells producers ahead of the ceremony, while Alana admits she’s ready to “walk away.” 

Jason’s up first for the ceremony, telling his bride, “You are a kind, soft-hearted woman that would do anything to make me happy, and all of these qualities prove to me that you would be an amazing wife and mother of my children.”

“I’m falling in love with you Alana, and I can’t wait to go back to sunny Queensland with you to live out our happy ever after,” he finishes. 

“Even though we felt the lowest of lows, we both never have given up. However, I started to second-guess your actions, and feel like I wanted to leave,” Alana begins.

“I can’t deal with the way you speak to me, and you being blindly loyal to people with questionable morals have made me question your morals.”

“I truly believe you are not ready to settle down, and I feel that we are in different stages of our lives…” she goes on, pausing before telling her groom, “We have some huge issues to work through, but Jason… I’m willing to do the work if you are.”

“Did you just change your mind just then?” Jason asks as Alana throws away the cards containing the rest of her vows.

Following the episode the pair are yet to release a formal statement, but just last month the So Dramatic! podcast shared a photo of the MAFS couple holding hands during a date on the Gold Coast, leading fans to believe they are still together. 

However, in news that contradicts the pair staying together comes from eagle-eyed fans who noticed the couple don’t follow each other on Instagram, and according to Now To Love, Alana isn’t following any of her fellow MAFS contestants, while Jason is still following Coco Stedman, Bryce Ruthven, Jake Edwards, and Brett Helling.

We’ll have to wait and see! 

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