The Lack Of Diversity Has Somehow Gotten Worse On ‘MAFS’ This Year

It's 2021, guys.

There is always drama from the outset on Married At First Sight, and the first episode of this 2021 season is no stranger to it. We had Bec and Jake, not exactly hitting it off from the get go… and the bombshell of the episode – Bryce’s very, VERY recent engagement. But overall, what fans were talking about was the lack of diversity in the casting.

MAFS has long been plagued with controversy around its casting process. First, it launched in a period where LGBT+ folks couldn’t even get legally married, so naturally there was uproar around a show promoting 5-minute weddings.


While it feels that MAFS redeemed itself (it isn’t so much about shotgun weddings as it is about developing your skills in relationships, like perseverance and communication), and while the casting team did include same-sex couples twice over the years, diversity seems to have gone out the window in 2021, as far as we can see from episode 1.

The comments from fans come after last year’s Bachelor franchise was riddled with fan complaints around lack of diversity. Post-2020’s Black Lives Matter resurgence, surely it’s time for some diversity consciousness when it comes to casting?

This made us LOL, though.

God bless you, Twitter. If you missed the episode, catch up via our recap here.

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