MAFS Recap: The Drama Has Arrived With A Water-Throwing Incident


FINALLY, Married At First Sight Intimacy Week is over and the dinner party fun begins. I did not need any more cupping of genitals or extended eye-gazing, thank you very much.

As always, we visit the couples as they prep for the night. It’s very same-same: Belinda and Patrick are good-but-awkward. Bryce and Melissa are fractured and messed up. Cam/Sam and Coco/Sam are off, Coco/Cam is definitely about to be on. 

The only event of note is that Coco has decided a full body stocking is appropriate dinner party attire.


I mean she looks bloody amazing but it’s more of a disco club party times outfit, not a sit down to eat a whole roast chicken outfit. Still, when she walks in everyone’s jaws drop to the floor. Russell has a hard time describing what he saw. 

She’s waiting for Cam to arrive, and when he does it’s kind of hard to watch Sam blissfully unaware that Coco’s dressed up specifically for her husband. But before we can even deal with their whole cheating thing, Boy Sam gets WAY into it with Bryce after 14 beers. And damn, does Bryce take the bait. They end up yelling at each other from across the room with everyone else trying to stay out of it.


Basically, Sam is pissed about Bryce giving it to him at the commitment ceremony, while Bryce feels Sam is a piece of crap, to be honest. It did get a bit rich when Bryce was banging on about being upset when he sees women treated badly, considering the way he’s TOTALLY GASLIGHTING MELISSA.

Next thing we know we’re in the dinner party, with Sam and Bryce getting progressively more drunk and more inflammatory, and Cam/Coco getting progressively more drunk and more flirty. Bad news all round – especially as we keep getting shots of Girl Sam saying how well her and Cam are going.

Eventually Cam shuffles seats to be closer to Coco, and winds up in a convo with Brett and Patrick where he admits he has a crush on her. Brett suggests he just do things the right way and sit down and be honest with Sam and Coco. But he’s like:


Meanwhile, Coco is chatting about Cam to Alana very close to where Cam is sitting, so eventually they ALL chat together a bit and it’s flirty, etc. Coco then goes and tells Joanne, Booka and pretty much everyone at the table how compatible she is with Cam, before deciding the right thing to do here would be to speak to Girl Sam directly. It’s pretty admirable of her to bite the bullet and admit she’s into Cam, although Girl Sam is like:


She says she gives them her blessing before rushing off to cry in the loo, because she obviously doesn’t actually give them her blessing. 

Back at the table, Bryce has ANOTHER go at Sam, and this time it gets really heated. The arguing continues before Sam starts telling Bryce he’s got the personality of a doormat and other awful things, which culminates in Bryce throwing his water in Sam’s face before storming out of the room.

Hilariously most of the water hits Patrick, not Sam, and when Bryce comes back he apologises. Someone suggests he sit next to Sam and Bryce goes “Id’ rather sit next to my ex-fiance”, which upsets Melissa because OF COURSE IT DOES IT’S AN AWFUL THING TO SAY.


Then Girl Sam comes back and is clearly upset by what’s happened. Boy Sam totally pokes the bear by “giving Coco and Cam my blessing” and stuff like that, insinuating they’re a couple already. Coco loses it at him and then Girl Sam asks Cam if he wants to end it, dropping her ring on the table. He’s super cold toward her and says “if you like” and so on.

Coco sees this and is clearly put off. Cam’s also ignoring her like she’s his worst enemy, which is disgusting the judges. Eventually Coco says, in front of Cam and everyone, that she doesn’t think the “juice is worth the squeeze” with Cam after the way he’s been acting at the dinner party, and she’s pretty ready to call it.

Will they never get past eye-gazing? We’ll see in Sunday night’s ep, I guess!

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