MAFS Recap: Great, Now All Our Hearts Have Broken Over Booka & Brett

Why, MAFS?

Sorry guys, this is no longer a Married At First Sight recap. It is purely a Booka and Brett funeral eulogy. Honestly, did anyone expect that relationship to come crashing down as fast as it is? I’m SO UPSET ABOUT IT.

So we come back to them, Brett’s slept on the couch (AS HE SHOULD AFTER THAT PERFORMANCE) and Booka tells him the ball is in his court – if he wants to take ownership of what he’s been saying to Patrick and how he really feels about her and their relationship, she can start moving forward. But she says she’s not sure why he would want to – she says he portrayed her as an “ugly person” and of course Brett twists the words and is like “I never said you were an ugly person”. YES, WE KNOW BRETT. YOU BASICALLY DID, THOUGH.

“I said horrible annoying person not UGLY person”

Anyway, over to Patrick and Belinda, who have had sex!!! Well, we assume – Belinda tells us she’s now seen “all” of Patrick’s nude body, which all but confirms the sexy time has been had. Patrick says he won’t be telling the boys about their new development. 

Bryce and Melissa are getting ready for the dinner party and Melissa says she wants them to just be a normal couple for once – no drama, no fights. He’s like yeah totally!!! But to us he’s sort of like… well, we’ll see.

Of course, when they show up and Bec hones in on them to discuss them calling her and Jake “artificial”, it’s immediately on. To be fair, Bryce seems to be trying not to engage too hard, but he looks livid. Still! He doesn’t get into a tiff and that’s pretty impressive after his hothead behaviour at other group hangs.

More importantly is, of course, Booka and Brett. Before they walk in, Patrick asks Jake for his advice – he explains that he gave a harsh letter to them about Booka, and he doesn’t know what to do. Jake’s advice was really wishy-washy because the TRUE advice is DIVE OUT THE WINDOW AND FLEE THE COUNTRY, PATRICK.

You can feel the awkward energy in this screengrab, can’t you

When Booka and Brett walk in, even Brett seems mad at Patrick. At the dinner table Booka is literally seated between the two guys, her new arch nemeses, and looks stoked about it (not). 

Bryce meanwhile is trying very, very hard to keep his cool, and Bec is trying really, really hard to get him to crack. She eventually resorts to bringing up the mysterious girlfriend-on-the-outside.

Bryce calmly says he has no recollection of telling her about any girlfriend, and when she suggests a lie detector, he welcomes it. So far I’m really impressed with Bryce avoiding all the drama, but then he HAS to go ruin it all by telling us to-camera that either Bec is deflecting from issues in her own relationship, or she… has feelings for him?????

Ok mate not EVERY woman is in love with you

Honestly, what are men. 

Booka finally gets into it with Patrick. He then tells her that everything he said in the letter, was what Brett had said to him. So Booka turns to Brett and is like, cool so you DO think I’m self-centred. Brett says that he never specifically called her self-absorbed or said she was obsessed with her band, but that the gist of the letter was how he felt. 

They say the same shit – how can he like someone like that, how can she not acknowledge how he’s feeling in the relationship, blah blah. Honestly, I’m on Booka’s side here – yes, she needs to hear Brett but also that letter was INSANE and she SHOULD be livid that he never voiced this stuff to her and instead told Patrick behind his back. 

Eventually Brett goes to sit with Johnny and properly starts to break down, telling Booka to please stop continuing the argument. It’s all a bit Big-Man-Baby energy for me. I felt for him, sure – the man seemed genuinely upset. But it also worked really well as an avoidance technique and I’m like, is this guy on acid? How can he not see that the letter would make anyone feel like pure shit and that he probably needs to address THAT before they address this other issue.

I feel for you Brett but also use your words

Then Brett and Patrick make up (!!!) pretty easily even though Patrick just set fire to Brett’s entire relationship. Again – HOW can Brett not just put his bullshit down to go make things right with Booka at this point, but he can do it with Patrick? Unbelievable.

Patrick then asks Booka about how the task went, and she tells him about her joke, saying Brett didn’t find it funny and maybe they just didn’t share the same sense of humour. Someone asks if their marriage is ok and she says “well my marriage is pretty much over, so”. YIKES.

Me dealing with all this chaos

Meanwhile, Bec is still trying to get a rise out of Bryce, this time by taking Melissa aside with Liam, who has become like a secondary demon henchman, to tell her that Bryce was flirting with her in the gym. It’s news to Melissa and clearly affects her, and when she tells Bryce you can see he’s about to explode. But! Instead they walk out of the dinner party and don’t engage.

It’s pretty awkward though because from Bryce’s comments, it sounds like maybe he WAS flirting with Bec. Ugh. Still, she’s also not in the right here – she spent the entire night trying to get Bryce to crack. That’s MAFS for you though, eh?

Sunday night’s commitment ceremony looks SO bleak, guys. I can’t deal with any more Booka and Brett heartbreak.

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