Surely After This, Melissa Can’t Stay With Bryce On ‘MAFS’

The tea was firmly spilled.

WOW. While tonights episode of Married At First Sight started off pretty slow, with all those one-on-one hangs between couples, it certainly revved up during girls and guys night, with the return of The Sams creating havoc between Melissa and Bryce.

Again, the Bryce and Melissa drama centred around Bryce’s alleged secret girlfriend in Canberra. Fans went into overdrive as Melissa – away from Bryce for the first time in forever – was told by Sam that the rumours have been, apparently, true – Bryce had a secret girlfriend as recently as a week before the reunion that was waiting for him outside of MAFS, which he had apparently done just to further his radio career.

I mean, were we shocked though.

There were also plenty of LOLs to be had over Bryce getting riled up by Other Sam, who returned set to stir the pot big time. How is he so good at getting Bryce going? It’s truly wild to watch.

But mainly we all just felt like “MELISSA!!! PLEASE!!! GET OUT NOW!!”

Honestly, this relationship has been really hard to watch play out on screen. 

Ugh. Thanks, we hate it.

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