That ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party Just Made Us Hate Everyone


Okay, we’ve reached that point where to be honest, we’re pretty keen for Married At First Sight 2021 to be over. Specifically, because we just can’t handle Bryce and Melissa’s toxic on-screen relationship anymore. 

Tonight’s dinner party saw, as always, Bryce being confronted with rumours of a girlfriend on the outside of the experiment, while Melissa defended him even after multiple people have made the same claims.

This season has really felt focused on this couple and while we’ll never know the true nature of their relationship off-screen, it’s pretty apparent that the on-screen stuff we see of them is toxic as hell. Plus, watching Melissa let their issues go again and again on camera is getting, well, just too difficult to watch.

But we also had another depressing moment – Liam, our fave, showing a mean side after telling the table his friends wouldn’t approve of wife Georgia. Really? You needed to say that?

Not to mention Bec continuing to string along Jake, another relationship we’re pretty tired of.

Honestly we’re just getting a bit over all the yuck on-screen relationships, and Twitter feels the same, with plenty of people taking to their keyboards to express their frustrations.

UGH. Are we rooting for anyone on Married At First Sight anymore?

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