Just When We Thought We’d Seen It All, A ‘MAFS’ Groom Has Apparently Fallen In Love With The New Expert

Yes, you read that correctly

With the new season of Married At First Sight on the horizon, there’s bound to be some serious drama headed our way.

Every year, we tick off a list of expected ‘twists’ that are endlessly recycled and now borderline predictable—that is, cheating scandals, protective brother/father figures, cold feet at the wedding, etc—but apparently, there’s one surprise that’ll drop our jaws to the floor.

According to the Daily Mail, sources claim that one of the contestants, a groom to be specific, will confess their love for new expert, sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

The publication claims that a couple from the social experiment will “call it quits” after the groom confesses that he’s “fallen for another woman”, in this case, one of the show’s three experts, who—as a friendly reminder—aren’t up for grabs.

Apparently, the declaration of love comes out of nowhere, leaving the cast and crew speechless and Rampolla furious, leaving her to put him in his place.

She is supposedly said to call the crime of passion “completely disrespectful” and tells the fella in question to “pull his head in”.

WATCH BELOW: Alessandra Rampolla in Married At First Sight Trailer

Replacing Dr Trisha Stratford, Alessandra Rampolla is a certified clinical sexologist from Puerto Rico with over 20 years of experience in helping couples develop and grow sexual chemistry. 

In the new season trailer, couples are seen intimately embracing each other and having open conversation around sex and their sex lives, her expertise is set to “stimulate the sparks of love”.

“Sex is such an essential part of a long-lasting relationship,” Rampolla says in the teaser. She also comes with a substantial Instagram following compared to her co-stars, John Aiken and Mel Schilling, boasting a whopping 687k followers on the platform.

“I will be asking very direct questions,” she said, before querying one of the contestants: “How would you describe yourself as a lover?”.

As to which season eight cast member is professing their devotion to Rampolla? Only time will tell.

Until then, be sure to take a peak at every contestant to star in 2021’s Married At Fight Sight, which is set to air on Channel Nine on February 22.

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