I Think We Can All Agree That ‘MAFS’ Intimacy Week Is The Worst

Didn't need any of that, thanks

Married At First Sight Intimacy Week is always an awkward period of the show, but did 2021’s feel particularly uncomfortable? Maybe it’s because most of these couples have zero chemistry, but it felt like the worst week of TV this year.

From unsexy massages to sucking fingers, the producers really WENT for it. A highlight tonight (lowlight??) would have to be Alana and Jason cupping each other’s genitals as a way toward further intimacy. Oh, and watching people try to fake-laugh. Why is fake laughing a sign of intimacy?

At least we were all in it together, I guess?

Let’s not go through that again, huh? Thankfully, tomorrow night is a dinner party and there’s some sort of altercation between Bryce and Sam. Altercations over awkward eye-gazing, thanks.

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