Are Australia’s Favourite ‘MAFS’ Couple Johnny And Kerry Still Together?

The couple made their final vows last night.

MAFS intruder couple Johnny and Kerry may have entered the Channel Nine social experiment late, but they wasted no time in capturing the hearts of the nation, as well as each other. 

On Monday night’s episode, MAFS’ unexpected favourite couple this season made their final vows—and the adorable couple had Australia in tears. 

“There’s a lot riding on today…,” Kerry said ahead of the emotional moment. “I’m worried about how he’s going to take what I’ve got to say,” Kerry said as she prepared to renew her vows.” 

The couple made their way to Sydney’s stunning Botanical Gardens to make their final decision. 

“I began this journey not knowing if I could be in a serious relationship again,” Johnny began. “I can safely say I have found so much more out of this than I ever hoped for,” continuing, “however, I’m concerned you’re not as open with your feelings as I am. I don’t think my heart can withstand another break.” 

“Kerry, I have never met somebody like you, and I am falling in love with you, and I wholeheartedly want to continue this crazy journey with you,” he finishes. 

The blushing bride confirms her feelings for Johnny, telling her husband that she is falling in love with him. 

Following the episode, the couple took to Instagram to share some sweet photographs from the final vows. 

Johnny wrote, “She is strong, she is fierce, she is radiant and I am so proud to stand by her side.” 

Kerry added simply, “#jerryforlife”, using the couple’s sweet moniker. 

The couple also recently opened up to New Idea about their plans to start a family. 

“I see how important family is for him and how good he is with his nieces and nephews,” Kerry told the publication. “I also just trust that he would be the best dad.”

She added, “Neither of us went into this looking for a career change or in need of a profile boost.” 

“For me it was our shared values – from the very first conversation it was so clear Kerry and I had so much in common,” Johnny added.

Twitter was also along for their adorable love story, with many viewers praising the pair for being the “only genuine couple” this season.

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