It’s 2021, Bisexuality Is Not A “Bombshell” Storyline

"No one should be forced to come out like that on national TV"

Tonight on MAFS we were introduced to two new couples, and you know what that means—a whole lot of drama! The episode sees the current couples attend the weddings of the new brides and grooms and honestly, what a twist to keep us, and the intruders, on our toes.  

James and Joanne continue fighting when James is nowhere to be found (leaving behind his wedding ring!), but upon his return, the two continue to argue and eventually head off to their separate hotel rooms, and something tells us we won’t be seeing much more of these two. Bryce continues his questionable behaviour (seriously, how does this man not think he’s done anything wrong). 

First up we have Liam, a farm living prison officer, and pink obsessed Georgia. Despite these two getting along like a house on fire, Liam shocks the group when tells them he’s bisexual, which, despite it being 2021, is a confession that’s met with a table audibly surprised by a man being comfortable enough to discuss his sexuality. C’mon guys. At least Georgia is supportive, telling her new husband his past has brought him to this exact moment.

Next up, we have theatre producer Johnny and occupational therapist Kerry, who are both coming out of failed marriages—although, one ended in heartbreak and the other described as the “most amicable divorce in history.” What! Could! Go! Wrong! Despite this, people are really rooting for these two so here’s hoping the join the list of successful couples. 

Below, we’re rounding up the best reactions from the night, and as always head over to our nightly recap to get the lowdown on what went down.

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