Everyone’s Favourite Person On MAFS Is Bryce’s Mum, Bec’s Mum On The Other Hand…

That was cathartic, we think?

Amidst the many parental dramas that went down on episode 18 of Married At First Sight, there is perhaps one that is capturing the hearts of Australia the most fervently. Throughout the current season of MAFS, Bryce (married to Melissa) has attracted a lot of very reasonable criticism.

The man’s behaviour on screen has been generally incredibly toxic, with the cheating allegations and the fact that he named his wife as the show’s fourth most attractive contestant being hard to forget. By which we mean, Bryce makes it hard to forget, because he keeps bringing it up over and over again. (Why?!)

In case you somehow missed the plot detail, this whole cheating/hotness mess apparently began from a “casual conversation” that Bryce had with Bec, who is the long-suffering Jake’s wife in the 2021 edition of the MAFS experiment.

In a previous episode, it was revealed that Bryce and Bec had a conversation where Bryce told Bec that he considered her the hottest in the experiment. According to Bec, Bryce then said he had a girlfriend outside the experiment, the latter being the part which Bryce obviously claims isn’t true. He does, however, cop to putting Bec first in the hotness ranking.

This frustratingly dense behaviour is irritating and alarming to us, but imagine how you’d feel after having had to raise this kind of insensitive human?

Well, as of tonight Australia knows how Bryce’s mum feels. The legend dressed-down her tone-deaf toxic son, much to the joy of audiences.

And on the other end of the spectrum? Well, let’s just say that with Bec, the apple fell directly under the tree.

We thought it’d hard to top Bec’s incredibly narcissistic and manipulative behaviour towards her husband this MAFS series well, tonight proved us wrong. Australia met Bec’s mom.

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